Young filipino singer stuns Sam Smith with a quick cover of his hit song

    We’ve gotten quite the reputation of producing awesome world-class singers. Now, whenever someone singing goes viral on the internet, they pretty much assume the singer is from the Philippines or at least that’s what most foreigners guessed on Twitter when Sam Smith reposted a video of a young student singing his hit song “Too Good At Goodbyes” at a grocery store karaoke machine demo, which is kind of a thing here in the Philippines. He’s not the first one to do such a thing and have gone viral but it’s a bigger thrill this time because he was actually noticed by the original singer. Watch the video below:

    “Who is this kid!!!!!? you are out of this universe whoever you are <3” – he tweeted

    Not only that, but the kid has some serious pipes on him. Who is this amazing talent? His name is CarlMalone Montecido, he’s from Bacolod City, Philippines. He was a former finalist of Showtime’s Tawag ng Tanghalan. He’s a talented blind singer who masters songs just by ear. He also does covers of songs on his youtube channel. Despite his disability, the young talent has a monster of a voice, incredibly soulful. Truly inspiring.


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