U-turn slot on Commonwealth Avenue on a dry run

    To ease traffic flow along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) places the Don Antonio U-turn slot in front of the Shopwise grocery under dry run for eight days.

    MANILA — The U-turn slot in the area of Don Antonio Village shortens an existing one that is slightly two kilometers farther north. Traffic flow will be observed during 18 to 25 September, according to the MMDA.

    Opening the new U-turn is for motorists to take a shorter route to their destination, smoothing the flow of traffic, and reducing the extra fuel consumption completing a two-kilometer turn says MMDA chairperson Benjamin Abalos Jr.

    “The dry run is meant to study how the opening of the U-turn slot will alleviate traffic during rush hour and how much it will reduce travel time in the area,” Mr Abalos says.

    The activity was attended by MMDA officials and were joined by representatives of the Quezon City government and private contractor EEI Corporation. (TRC/The MiNT)


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