Time to test Google’s Android 12 Beta 3

    Beginning with a few developer previews in February of 2021, and jumping into the beta release announcement during the Google I/O event back in May, Google is finally down to Android 12 Beta 3, its third public beta test release.
    Android 12’s official release gets closer as the months pass.

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA — The Android 12 Beta 3, released on the 14th of July, is in line with their expected timeline. If everything goes as planned, a fourth beta test will be released this coming August, followed by a candidate build release, then finally, the official release.

    As of now, there are no known dates or even estimates for the latter releases.

    How to Get Beta 3
    If you own a Google Pixel device, you can enroll your phone to Beta 3 via this link. Else, you can check if your phone is eligible for beta testing through this link.

    Do take note that Android 12 is still in its beta phase, which means not everything might be working as expected. It’s best to take precautionary measures, such as backing up your data, before updating your phone to Beta 3.

    So what’s New in Beta 3

    There are a handful of updates in this third wave of beta testing. Notable updates are as follows:

    Scrollable screenshots
    Entire webpages and lengthy chat conversations can now be taken as single screenshots in the new update.

    Improved auto-rotation
    The auto-rotation feature in smartphones normally use the built-in accelerometer to detect when it’s best to rotate the screen’s view. However, this method might not prove accurate in cases where gravity should not be relied on in terms of screen orientation (e.g. when the user is lying down sideways).

    Android 12 now utilizes the phone’s front-facing camera to analyze whether or not the screen should rotate.

    Improved app search
    Android 12 now comes with an improved app search, going through even the deepest buried data within each application, such as email content, map locations, and notes.

    Finalized SDK and APIs for developers
    Definitely a treat for developers, Beta 3 comes with the official SDK and final APIs, ready to be tinkered with.

    Why Android 12 or The Biggest Design Change in Android History

    While Google intends its next Android OS update to uphold and ensure the “deeply personal experience” its users have experienced so far, it takes it a step further with highly customizable widgets, color palettes, controls, and so much more, giving Android 12, in their words, “the biggest design change in Android’s history”. Android 12 is a reimagined experience, now “more expressive, dynamic, and personal than ever before”.

    Its redesign includes the new Notification Shade, created with efficiency in mind, and the new Power Button with added functionality. And, Android 12 answers to the growing concerns related to data privacy with an all new Privacy Dashboard, which gives its users more control over the data they choose to share.

    For a summary of all features and changes to the Android 12, this link to the list might be helpful. (RF/The MiNT)

    Featured image credit: Android Authority


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