Things you need to know before registering for PhilSys

    There’s no backing down now! The Philippine national ID system (PhilSys) will begin to knock on your door on Monday (October 12) in a bid to register 9 million Filipinos by the end of the year.

    The target is only less than a tenth of the 109 million Filipinos the system aims to register by the end of 2022. Officials from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) led the launch of the PhilSys that targets to give a single and all-purpose ID for government and business transactions.

    Required by law under Republic Act 11055, enacted in 2018, the PhilSys program aims to replace more than 46 different government IDs, including the ones needed when claiming pension funds, and to provide convenience to the public.

    Over time, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) envisions the PhilSys as a tool for opening bank accounts and digital transactions as a cashless payment system.

    For the government, the PhilSys will reduce the bureaucratic red tape experienced in programs such as cash transfers to make them easier to track and distribute aid to recipients.

    The process includes two stages of pre-registration and proper registration, both of which will follow strict health protocols. This year, the first stage will take place from October 12 to December 30, while the second stage will run from November 12 to December 30.

    Infographic from Philstar.
    Infographic from Philstar.


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