Sydney, NSW lockdowns another week amid Delta variant

    Sydney’s four-week long lockdown was extended for another week. The lockdown implemented on 26 June, was supposed to be lifted on 09 July.

    SYDNEY — The first case of the new Delta variant was from a limousine driver who drove for overseas airline crew three weeks ago. 350 more cases have accumulated since then.

    Twenty-seven new cases were reported on Wednesday. Of these, 20 cases were in isolation for the duration of their infectious period, and seven were not quarantined.

    An average of 18 new cases per day were reported prior to this.

    “This Delta strain is a game-changer, it is extremely transmissible and more contagious than any other form of the virus that we’ve seen,” says Australia’s New South Wales leader, Premier Gladys Berejiklian to reporters.

    Australia has amassed over 30,800 cases and 910 deaths over the course of the pandemic. This is Sydney’s second lockdown since then. (HMP/The MiNT)


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