Roque: A very poor track record on human rights—UPD

    The University of the Philippines-Diliman executive committee announced their opposition on presidential spokesperson Harry Roque Jr’s nomination to be included in the International Law Commission (ILC).

    Quezon City — The panel claims his inclusion would only “diminish” the commission’s reputation and “would not serve its purposes.”

    “Atty. Roque has a very poor track record of promoting, defending, and fulfilling human rights and the rule of law, especially during the administration of President Rodrigo R. Duterte in which he serves as a cabinet member,” says the UP Diliman executive committee in a statement.

    “Therefore, his inclusion in the Commission would not serve its purposes but instead diminish the reputation of the body,” it adds.

    Roque said the Philippine Government has nominated him for a post in the ILC. He is among 11 candidates from the Asia-Pacific region, which was allotted eight seats in the UN body. (HMP/The MiNT)


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