Razer calls for beta testers for new RGB N95 face mask

    Gaming hardware, software, and peripherals giant Razor launches a community beta program to test its futuristic new N95 mask, now called the Razer Zephyr.

    CALIFORNIA — Razer announced on 06 August 6 that its N95 mask, initially dubbed Project Hazel, will be released as a part of a community beta testing program, going ahead of their initial fourth quarter launch plan announced in E3 2021* by middle of this year. Other than the beta testing announcement, no further information regarding Zephyr’s release or delivery dates have been revealed.

    “When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, there was a massive global shortage of medical-grade masks,” Razer’s Director of Design, Charlie Bolton, recalls in Project Hazel’s concept video.

    “To meet the urgent needs during in this emergency, Razer quickly responded by manufacturing high quality, certified medical-grade masks for the frontline workers.” Razer has donated over 1 million masks globally.

    26th E3, during which hardware manufacturers, software developers, and publishers from the video game industry presented new and upcoming products. The event, organized by the Entertainment Software Association, ran as a virtual, online-only event with free access to all, from June 12–15, 2021.
    The ‘open to all, online-only’ expo may be accessed via this link: E3 2021 for a re-watch.

    “But now that we’re well and truly settled into this new normal, we see the need for face masks that are safe, social, and sustainable,” Bolton says. Project Hazel was the project Razer had in mind to meet these expectations.

    The mask’s initial concept includes a number of features, with its classification of being a certified surgical N95 respirator that protects against droplets and splashes being of utmost importance.

    It also boasts of active ventilation, which brings in cool air and releases heat, making it safer against CO2 buildup while adding to the filtration of bacteria.

    Apart from its safety features, Razer’s design team tweaked the mask in such a way that socializing will not be impeded with muffled voices and misunderstandings, giving the mask a transparent finish and a patented VoiceAmp technology for clear speech.

    Razer also pushed for comfort by adding a silicon guard around the mask, which also prevents unfiltered air from leaking in. Finally, the mask is also scratch-resistant and waterproof, which makes it good for frequent, everyday use.

    Although Razer Zephyr’s beta design looks like a tweaked version of the prototypes Razer released in Project Hazel’s conceptual videos, fans are hopeful that any changes in its design or features still emulate its “safe, social, and sustainable” vision. (RF/The MiNT)

    Featured image: Sign up to become a beta tester now. Razer invites you to be one. /Credit: Razer


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