Racism is never ok, even on the verge of a global epidemic

    Gather ’round, mga Pinoys! Let’s discuss why you guys are being hella racist towards Chinese people. Personally, I do not like all the shady stuff Chinese nationals have been doing under our noses, most recently the prostitution ring that a Chinese syndicate has been running that was exposed recently, not to mention all the other trouble they’ve been bringing to our already messy country. Yes, those acts are despicable, but not all of them are like that. China is a huge country, i mean HUGE! Im not excusing the fact that their government is enormously threatening, and that we really should all be on alert cause of the all the suspected shady moves they’re putting on us.

    HOWEVER!!! BEING RACIST IS NEVER OK! And I’m not just saying this about Chinese nationals, I’m talking about other nationalities too, ok? Racism in general is never ok. And the fact that China is currently the breeding ground for an unfortunate and deadly virus, DOES NOT GIVE YOU A FREE PASS TO BE RACIST.

    In general, Filipinos tend to be racist. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but i’d like to think that it’s not intentional and that most of our general public are just prone to believing fake news and are often misinformed about a lot of issues. There’s a lot of fearmongering going on right now surrounding this terrifying virus outbreak. People have started to avoid Chinese people in public transportation, in public places, a lot have also refrained from going to Chinese restaurants. I guess, i can see that as a precaution, still though, it just seems a bit extreme. A friend just told me about what happened to him in an elevator just a few hours ago. He got in an elevator at a mall and it was a bit packed inside, he was inside with a few Chinese nationals, they seemed healthy and lively. All was well, until some lady took out a whole bottle of Lysol and sprayed all around them inside the elevator. That was harsh. Add to that all the racist and borderline xenophobic tweets and memes on Facebook that the people of the Philippines are so fond of right now. It has to stop.

    Instead of spending your time making jokes that are in poor taste maybe you should all be taking this virus seriously. We don’t even have the virus here in the Philippines and you’re all acting like victims already. Take precautions but don’t be racist. They are people too, and they truly are the ones suffering from this terrifying bout. It’s not like they’re looking to infect the unsuspecting public. Who would wanna do that anyway? The point is, do not treat them like monsters, you don’t have to be friends with them but you don’t have to shame them either. Being rude to these people is not productive, and it also won’t stop the virus from spreading. Stay in your lane, mind your business, and be prepared for what’s to come.


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