‘QC Bakuna Nights’ for A4 sector may expand as vaccines arrive

    About 2,000 essential workers initially registered under the A4 priority sector were vaccinations during the four nightly inoculation the Quezon City government initiated.
    The nightly inoculation was set up to meet workers who could not make it to daytime vaccination for fear of losing their jobs or there is not enough manpower to take over the absent worker while he or she is at the vaccination center taking his or her shot.
    The city government alloted 2,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines each night for the day run of the program.

    MANILA – The Quezon City government launched “QC Bakuna Nights” as a response to need for essential workers to be vaccinated but are not available by daytime because of their job schedules.

    In her statement, Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte says the “QC Bakuna Nights” was installed “to be able to address the clamor of many essential workers that belong to the A4 priority category to get Covid-19 jabs.

    “This is for our workers who are unable to skip their 8 AM to 5 PM work for a day just to be able to receive the vaccine, most especially those whose salary is on a daily basis.”

    The program also aims to expand the reach of the city to vaccinate or A4 workers who can only be free after office hours or in the evening.

    “Now they don’t have to choose between their daily wage or the vaccine. We will inoculate them at a time most convenient to them,” says Belmonte.

    The “QC Bakuna Nights” initially ran for four nights, Wednesday to Saturday (16 to 19 June), from 6 PM to 10 PM, says QC Task Foce Vax to Normal co-chair Joseph Juico.

    Juico says the limited coronavirus vaccines can only cover four nights. However, if more supplies will be delivered to the city, the “QC Bakuna Nights” will continue and could expand to other sites. (LO/The MiNT)


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