PNP to probe into illegal firearms production, sale

    The Philippine National Police (PNP), together with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) conducted three separate operations in Quezon City and Bulacan on 08 September.
    Each raid rendered the discovery of assorted ammunitions, gadgets, high-powered firearms, rifles, pistols, other firearm parts, and personal effects of the suspects.

    MANILA — After the raids were conducted, PNP chief General Guillermo Eleazar orders a deeper probe into an alleged gun-running syndicate that links the warehouses, one in Quezon City and two in Bulacan.

    “These operations prevented the proliferation of more loose firearms that could have been used to undermine our democratic processes and our right to suffrage, especially that there were reports that this group has been selling firearms to criminals and private goons in Mindanao,” says General Eleazar.

    As the 2022 national elections nears, the PNP chief has ordered all police commanders of security preparations in advance by running after private armed gorups and loose firears that could threaten the peaceful conduct of elections.

    At the same time, he orders his men to intensify measures in gathering intelligence information on other areas that could be illegally used as storage for firearms.

    In a separate statement, AFP chief Lieutenant General Jose Faustino says, “We are at a crucial point in our efforts to end communist and local terrorist and other criminal activities in the country, and a big part of this is in ending the proliferation of loose firearms in compliance with our Commander-in-Chief’s (President Rodrigo Duterte) directive.” (RA/The MiNT)


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