Philippines, Venezuela only ones to resume in-person classes

    The Philippines and Venezuela remain to be the last two countries in the world that have yet to reopen schools.
    Kuwait, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia would start in-person classes this month, according to a United Nations Children’s Fund official on Wednesday.

    “We have to do this in the best way possible,” said Isy Faingold, head of education work in UNICEF-Philippines in a forum. “We have to do this gradual, on a voluntary basis, and learning from experience of other countries but adapting to the experience of the Philippines.”

    Kuwait, said Faingold, is to resume face-to-face classes in 1,460 schools with a gradual reopening for all levels. Same goes for Bangladesh but only for select grade levels. Saudi Arabia will only allow high school students who are fully inoculated for Covid-19 to return to classrooms. Those in primary level would have to continue their online classes until October.

    “We have seen almost all countries in the world close their schools at the beginning of the pandemic,” Faingold said. “At the time, it was the right thing to do…but school closures have many negative effects starting with learning loss.”

    The Department of Education present a new proposal to Duterte to permit at least 120 schools for reopening. Classroom sizes will be reduced and in-person classes will be limited, according to an official in a Senate hearing. (HMP/The MiNT)


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