PH calls out China’s greed, while US takes a stand at South China Sea

    It seems that someone in our government finally grew some balls and that someone is the Department of Foreign Affairs Senator Teodoro “Teddy” Locsin Jr. He took it upon himself to file two diplomatic protests against the big bully that is China. 

    One is for threatening and pointing a radar gun at a Philippine ship in our own water territory. And the other is for claiming some parts of our territory and having the nerve to actually set up facilities despite knowing they are not their property. This is an obvious disrespect of international laws and Philippine sovereignty.

    The world is distracted right now, everyone else’s efforts are focused on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. And while the world isn’t looking, China’s making her move. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone is vulnerable and ready for the taking. However vulnerable they may be though, some people still have their head on straight and are keeping an eye out for desperate power moves from China, as the United States.

    Despite the fact that they have no territorial claims in the South China Sea, the US Navy sought to it to try and keep the peace in troubled waters. They certainly make their presence known, and are taking a stand against the big red bully. US President Trump also reached out to PH President Duterte via phone call about strengthening their ties with each other. The US donated an additional P269 million to the Philippines in an effort to help us fight the pandemic we’re all experiencing right now.

    Whatever sick and twisted power-hungry game China has started, no one wants to play it. It’s sickening how this virus wreaks havoc all over the world because of them, but instead of trying to help clean up their mess, they’re trying to conquer the world, one vulnerable virus-ridden country at a time. Despite poor leadership, the US will still take a stand, one incompetent president does not make up the whole country. If China pushes, the US will push back. If a war breaks out because of this, we’re all nothing but collateral damage to them. 


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