PDP-Laban party bets get their nomination certificates

    Nomination and acceptance certificates are being issued to party bets of the PDP-Laban wing headed by Energy secretary Alfonso Cusi.

    MANILA — According to Melvin Matibag, secretary-general of the faction, the certificates are being issued to party bets in time for the filing of their certificates of candidacy starting 01 to 08 October.

    As promised, says Mr Matibag in a statement, “we will be processing their CONA (certificates of nomination and acceptance) as soon as possible to enable them to file their certificate of candidacy (COC) withing the deadline specified by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).”

    According to Mr Matibag, candidates with valid CONAs are the official candidates of their respective party or coalition. He cites
    Comelec Resolution 10717 that stipulates the validity of the CONA if signed by authorized signatories of the party.

    As early as 07 September, Mr Cusi has filed a petition before the Comelec to declare the PDP-Laban faction under Senators Emmanuel Pacquiao and Aquilino Pimentel as illegitimate.

    However, the Pacquiao wing claims they have ousted Cusi, Matibag, including President Rodrigo Duterte. (RA/The MiNT)


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