‘One Godly Vote’ urges electorate to measure candidates

    Radyo Veritas on Thursday launched the “One Godly Vote” campaign which urges the electorate to choose ‘morality and ethics’ among the standards of measuring candidates, Fr Jerome Secillano said.

    MANILA — The campaign seeks the return of ‘morality and ethics’ in governing a country.

    “Legal and secular principles alone are not sufficient in addressing our country’s ills,” said Secillano, the campaign’s convener.

    “As it now stands, there is a great deal of leaving morality and ethics out of the public sphere. [Filipinos] should not compromise their votes. They should shun money, they should not be cowed by intimidation.

    “They should not be swayed by empty, shallow and outrageous promises, and they need to hold on to the sacredness of their vote as if their choice is God’s choice to lead us to our future.”

    “[The Church] cannot and must not remain on the sidelines in the fight for human dignity, human rights, social justice and equality,” Secillano said. (HMP/The MiNT)


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