OFWs may apply for ‘courtesy lane’ use

    Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are in urgent need of acquiring passports for their deployment abroad can now apply for the use of the courtesy lane says acting assistant secretary Senen Mangalile of the Consular Affairs (OCA) office of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

    MANILA — OFWs are required to send an email for them to be scheduled because the DFA does not allow walk-ins in the observation of health safety protocols says Mangalile.

    For those who email, “we will give them appointments based on their urgency. If their deployment is near, they can avail of the courtesy lane.”

    Others who wish to apply may email oca.cl@dfa.gov.ph with the request for the service

    Mangalile reminds the public that passport appointment slots at the DFA office in Pasay City are free. The public is also warned against unscrupulous individuals or groups offering appointments online for a fee.

    “These ‘professional passport appointment setters’ offer their services on social media. We want to remind our applicants: Passport appointment slots are free.

    “There is no need to pay for an appointment on the DFA website, which is the only place to set an appointment.” (TRC/The MiNT)


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