Netflix targets video games as next venture

    With over 180 million paid subscribers (and counting) Netflix remains the largest subscription-based streaming service in the world—but it seems it won’t just settle with flicks and shows.
    Netflix plans to venture into offering video games within the next year. So far, there have been no details discussed about the kinds of games to be offered, or how they envision the whole idea to play out.
    However, its implementation will bear no additional charge (for now). It’s also been stated that video games will be added as another genre on the platform (comparable to documentaries and stand-up specials), which might garner more subscriptions from the gaming demographic.

    LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA — Although other companies have tried and failed to enter the cloud gaming scene—Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna at the top of that list—Netflix pushes on by taking serious strides towards the idea of offering video games on their platform. One such stride was to invite Mike Verdu on board to be the Vice President of game development, with the hire confirmed by a Netflix spokesperson.

    Verdu is known for being the former Senior Vice President of video game company Electronic Arts (EA) Games, and also former Vice President of Content at Facebook Reality Labs, where he worked with content and game developers for the Oculus virtual reality headsets. He’s also worked with game development companies Zynga, Kabam, and Atari, over the years.

    Netflix has already made steps towards this idea in the past, announcing a plan for a “Stranger Things” mobile game back in the 2019 E3 gaming conference. “Stranger Things 3: The Game” was also published back in 2019, with BonusXP as the game’s developers. For now, however, there is no confirmation yet on whether Netflix will be forming an in-house game development team or if they will be working with third party developers. (RF/The MiNT)


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