National women’s volley team to compete sans Alyssa Valdez

    Eyebrows were certainly raised when self-proclaimed volleyball superstar Alyssa Valdez was excluded from the women’s national pool.
    It was an unexpected move.

    MANILA — Brazilian coach Jorge Edson Souza de Brito explained he made the decision in an effort to bring in younger and taller players who could banner the country’s volley belles to greater heights and victory in coming tournaments.

    “I need some fresh players, younger and taller,” Souza de Brito pointed out to media men at the Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) forum.

    The Brazilian was brought in to lead the women’s national team in the next couple of years and while the team is currently preparing to compete in the 2021 AVC Asian Women’s Club Volleyball Championship scheduled on 01 to 07 October in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, all preparations done are to keep the team at its competitive peak.

    “We have a plan how to make our national team taller and younger,” Souza de Brito said.

    “I think you have here all the best. It’s good everyone has access to social media. I respect them but we, the coaches, are always trying to do the best for volleyball team. We’re taking the best position until now,” he added.

    Local players who will be competing in future tournaments will be taken from the 25-member pool.

    Valdez, along with Jia Morado and Kath Arado, were not able to join the Subic tryouts a few months ago, and were not invited to the pool. However, the squad has added a few players, which includes Cebuana Deanna Wong, Kalei Mau, Kianna Dy, and Dawn Macandili.

    This marks the very first time since the 2015 Southeast Asian Games that the women’s national team will not have Valdez. (TRC/The MiNT)


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