Metro execs defer mobility restriction of minors to IATF

    Following concerns over minors’ mobility with the easing of age restrictions and increased venue capacities in Metro Manila, its 17 local chief executives have endorsed mobility restrictions of minors to the countries pandemic task force.

    MANILA, Philippines — The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) Resolution No. 21-29 shows that metro mayors have agreed to endorse the concerns on mobility restrictions on minors to the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) for its evaluation and consideration. They said the task force is in the best position to decide on the issue.

    “The IATF has the necessary scientific and empirical data as well as the health, epidemiological, and pediatric experts,” the resolution pointed out.

    MMDA chairman Benjamin Abalos Jr explained that the endorsement of the decision to the IATF is to further weigh in on the issue through the medical experts’ opinion because the safety of our citizens is at stake here.

    “We have to defer to the wisdom of the IATF as well as the opinion of those in the medical field. We should seek balance on the physical and mental health of our minors,” Abalos disclosed.

    After Metro Manila was placed under Alert Level 2 status, the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) noted that in the past few days, big mall operators had a significant rise in patronage from 20 percent last year to around 60 to 80 percent recently, owing to the increase in venue capacity and relaxation of age restrictions, particularly with respect to minors.

    Reacting to the report, Abalos appeals for parental responsibility to those who bring their children to malls and other similar establishments. He reminds parents and guardians that minors 12 years old and below are still unvaccinated and thus prone to catching viral infections. (TRC/The MiNT)


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