Masks, vaccination required as Met, Broadway reopen

    As Broadway theatres and the Metropolitan Opera House (Met) will reopen, audiences are to provide a proof of vaccination and wear masks while inside the establishment.

    NEW YORK — Children under the age of 12, however, will be barred from entering the theatre houses, as they are not yet eligible to receive any vaccinations. But the Met reassured that once they are allowed to be inoculated, they will be welcomed back.

    “As soon as children under the age of 12 become eligible to receive a vaccine, fully vaccinated children will be welcomed back to the Met,” the iconic opera house said in a statement.

    Upon opening their houses, both Broadway and the Met will open at full capacity, opting out to enforce social distancing. Broadway theatres range from 600 to 1,000 seats, while the Met has a capacity of 3,000.

    “As we get ready for Broadway’s big comeback, the entire theater community is committed to the highest level of public health standards,” Nick Scandalios of The Nederlander Organization, a spokesman for theater owners, said in a statement.

    “We’re all eager to welcome our many patrons and fans back to the magic of Broadway.” (HMP/The MiNT)


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