LTFRB distributes ₱1B worth fuel subsidy to PUJ drivers

    Around 136,000 public utility jeepney (PUJ) drivers have started receiving their fuel subsidies from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).
    The agency is to disburse worth of ₱1 billion in aid as a part of the government’s program in assisting public transportation drivers amidst the recent consecutive hike in fuel prices.

    METRO MANILA, Philippines — Called the Pantawid Pasada Fuel Program, the program aims to assist PUJ drivers in the fuel price raise dilemma along with the challenges the pandemic brings.

    LTFRB National Capital Region Director Zona Tamayo said program beneficiaries will each receive a one-time Pantawid Fuel Cash Card containing ₱7,200 as fuel subsidy for this year.

    “For this year’s fuel subsidy, the DBCC (Development Budget Coordination Committee) has allotted ₱1 billion for qualified beneficiaries or those PUJ franchise grantees nationwide,”
    Tamayo told reporters in a virtual briefing on Wednesday, 24 November.

    “With the ₱1 billion budget, each of the 136,000 beneficiaries will be receiving ₱7,200 per unit,” she added.

    LTFRB Executive Director Tina Cassion then specified that the cash aid could not be withdrawn and used for other purposes. It must only be used for fuel purchases in specific petroleum retail outlets or gas stations.

    Failure to submit to the limitations will automatically disqualify the card owner from the program.

    The fuel cards processed by the Land Bank of the Philippines indicate the complete name of the franchise holder, plate number of PUJ, region where the franchise is registered, and the card number to avoid misuse.

    For those who are yet to receive their cards, Tamayo advised them to coordinate with their respective LTFRB regional offices for their schedule of claiming their cards. (HMP/The MiNT)


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