Learners more eager to learn despite challenges

    As classes in public schools resume classes for K1-12 throughout the country, DepEd Region 7 cites cooperation among local government units, parents, and teachers in keeping the school children’s enthusiasm for ‘getting back to school’ to continue learning despite the challenges faced as new learning modalities are introduced.

    CEBU CITY — According to DepEd-7 regional director Salustiano Jimenez, the LGUs are more prepared in helping learners cope with the new normal in education, amid the impact of the health crisis across all sectors.

    All the more, he says, school children have been more eager to continue their education by looking out for available technologies that can help them.

    Mr Jimenez says, as public schools are still accepting new enrolees and transferees from private schools that have shutdown, his office has already recorded a total of 1,988,000 enrolees for school year 2021-2022. The figures will continue to rise, he says.

    For the previous school year, his office recorded 2.01 million enrolees in Central Visayas.

    For this year’s school term, the teachers have been equipped with devices necessary in the course of their teaching, like printers. The teachers have also completed printing modules for the first and second quarter while they are receiving third module deliveries from the DepEd central office.

    Most learners in Mandaue City will undertake the digital learning modality this year as their city government have already given out tablet devices to students and teachers. Others in the region will have teacher-learner interaction via radio and television sets. (RA/The MiNT)


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