Lawmaker seeks banning unvaccinated individuals

    MANILA — A lawmaker proposes banning those who refuse vaccination from entering shopping malls and other commercial establishments for reasons they could contaminate those who have received vaccination.

    Cavite 4th district Representative Elpidio Barzaga Jr pushes for the ban as a measure in protecting individuals already inoculated.

    “Even the right to travel shall be restricted,” he says. “COVID-19 is real and it has come closer to home. It has touched all of us, where every one of us has a parent, sibling, relative, friend, co-worker who has been infected by this deadly virus.”

    He says it is constitutional for private establishments to impose a regulation that only those vaccinated shall be permitted to enter.

    Citing the 1987 Constitution’s General Welfare clause, Barzaga says, “The State can therefore enact a general law protecting those who are vaccinated from those who are not vaccinated.” (LO/The MiNT)


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