Lagman: Duterte will be president again by design or fortuitous event!

    During a speech at the National Assembly of the Partido Demokratikong Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban), the President Duterte states his reason for considering to run for the position.
    Sabi ng batas, na kung presidente ka, bise presidente ka, may immunity ka. Eh di tatakbo na lang akong bise presidente (The law says that if you’re president, vice president, you have immunity. Well, I’ll just run for vice president then),” Duterte says at the event.
    “And after that, tatakbo ulit ako nang bise presidente, at bise president, at bise presidente (I will run for vice president again, and vice president, and vice president).”

    MANILA — “Considering that only the President is immune from lawsuits, a legal verity which President Rodrigo Duterte fully knows, then his pretext of running for vice president to enjoy ‘immunity,’ spills the beans on his real intention to become successor-president the moment the office of the elected president in 2022 is vacated by design or fortuitous event,” he alleges.

    A piece of Albay Representative Edcel Lagman’s mind on the matter as he opposes the stream of thought on the ‘immunity from suit’ being floated by President Duterte.

    “Duterte’s latest alibi of securing immunity from suits by running for vice president is grossly mistaken, because the vice president is not immune from suits. Only the President enjoys this immunity, not by constitutional mandate but by judicial pronouncements.

    This immunity is solely from the domestic or national judicial jurisdiction.”

    Congressman Lagman says the President may still be held liable before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and does not enjoy full immunity even now that he’s president.

    Lagman insinuates Duterte is planning to again become president through his vice presidential bid. (MP/The MiNT)


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