Kisses Delavin to vie for the Miss Universe Philippines crown

    Kisses Delavin calls on to her fans to vote for her in the upcoming Miss Universe Philippines.

    MANILA — Ms Delavin seeks the support of her millions of fans in Instagram.

    Posting her Ms Universe official photo on the network platform, the young actress calls for support from her 2.3 million followers.

    “Hello Universe! Vote for me, your Miss Universe Philippines delegate #66 Kirsten Danielle Delavin from Masbate in the @themissuniverseph app!” Kisses wrote. 

    A number of celebrities entered their support to Kisses on the app-based vote collector, including Model Maureen Wroblewitz and fellow candidates, Ysabel Ortega, Darla Soler, Devon Seron, among others.

    Miss Universe Philippines for 2021 will be held on a Saturday, 25th of September. (HMP/The MiNT)


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