Kinasal na si Sarah G at Matteo G and along with it came some major drama!

    Weddings… They bring everyone together, even uninvited relatives sometimes. That’s the case for Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidecelli’s wedding. The celebrity couple tied the knot last night in a civil ceremony at Shangri-La The Fort, in BGC. The 2 have been together since 2014 and announced their engagement last year on November 2019.

    With the wedding being only a simple civil ceremony, you would expect that it was a private affair, it was, for the most part. Up until a few hours ago, the public didn’t know about the wedding. The headline said major drama, so here it is:

    There was an altercation between the groom and the bride’s bodyguard, Jerry Tamara. Matteo punched Tamara in the throat for snitching to “Mommy Divine”, Sarah’s infamously controlling mother, about the wedding ceremony. Mommy Divine arrived unexpectedly during the ceremony requesting to speak to her 31 year old daughter about the wedding she knew nothing about.

    They must been having major issues if Sarah kept her wedding day on the hush-hush from her own mother. While the punching of the bodyguard was probably unnecessary on Matteo’s part, we can’t deny that the bodyguard was indeed a snitch, and you know what they say: Snitches get stitches. Char!

    Kidding aside, Sarah Geronimo is 31 years old, she can do whatever she pleases. She’s a grown woman who can decide for herself. What prompted her to exclude her mother from her wedding? We’re not privy to that information, all we can do is speculate for now. Word from the street is that Divine has been making it difficult on everyone involved with the wedding since they started planning, not showing up to fittings, delaying preparations, etc. Divine also has been rumored to have disliking towards the groom. Even going as far as demanding the bride to make him sign a prenup and to transfer all of Sarah’s assets to under her name.

    Filipino Twitter is dubbing this as the “Divine Intervention”. Gotta love Twitter. Despite her meddling, Sarah and Matteo are now married. Congratulations to the happy couple!


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