IV of Spades is going livestream tonight! Here’s where you can watch them

To somehow beat the Covid-19 pandemic by staying confined inside our homes, live-streaming became the norm. All music gigs, concerts, theater shows, yoga classes and even school classes are put on live through several online platforms in valuing routine and sense of regularity despite the situation of being quarantined.

Among of these livestreams will get you psyched, especially if you’re a fan of IV of Spades. That’s right, the local pop-funk band will be having a livestream gig happening today! Set up your reminder at 10 p.m. on the Kumu app, all of you, because it’s totally free!

Recognizing the power of OPM artists to influence social media users, Kumu together with Red Bull brings another in-app first by bringing the concert stage to your mobile screens. Image courtesy of KUMU.

You may not have heard of the app, which is fair, since Kumu has been here only recently since February 2018. It is a live-streaming app and social media platform developed by Filipinos for Filipinos.

What’s sweet about this app is that Kumu is engineered to adjust to the limited Internet speed in the Philippines, so any livestream you see from there, including IV of Spades, will not lag or freeze in the middle of a performance because of some slow internet connection.

Kumu is perfect for schools, churches, and other organizations in the Philippines who want to hold virtual gatherings as well.

“If a personal or business event has been affected by COVID-19, just reach out to LivesStream@kumu.ph and the Kumu team will support you in setting up your livestream,” founder Roland Ros said in a statement.

So there you have it: IV of Spades. Live on March 19, 10 o’clock this coming evening.

Download the Kumu app now on Android and iOS and spread the app!


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