Is Marcos easing into the PDP-Laban Cusi wing? No talks yet

    The PDP-Laban is still focused on a Go-Duterte tandem it proclaimed two weeks earlier despite the decline Senator Christopher Lawrence Go voiced right after the announcement.

    MANILA — According to party secretary-general Melvin Matibag, they are still waiting for Mr Go’s final decision on the matter and he is given enough time to decide.

    Meanwhile, there has been nothing officially discussed, formal or not, on Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s running under the banner of the PDP-Laban, a party official made it clear early this week.

    Bits of information have been received but no moves have been acted on.

    “Personally, I can tell there are no formal talks yet, There were some information sent, but no formal talks so far,” Mr Matibag said.

    In August, Mr Matibag said the party is willing to Mr Marcos as a new member.

    The former senator is considering to run for the presidential race in 2022. (RA/The MiNT)


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