Heart Evangelista’s “Quiapo headbands” made it to Paris Fashion Week!

    Fashion and style isn’t always about the most expensive and luxurious brands you can find, it’s about knowing what works and making it your own, whether it be a custom piece from Chanel, or a P70 4pcs headband set from Quiapo, Manila.

    Heart Evangelista is testament to that. She’s known for her love of designer brands, but sis knows how to bargain and mix and match, too.

    In her recent vlog, Evangelista revealed that she wore a headband from the country’s bargain hotspot, Quiapo, to Paris Fashion Week. As everyone knows, Paris Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event annually. People in the fashion industry from all over the world plan their entire year around this particular event every single year. And for Heart to be attending and being invited to all those shows is a pretty big deal.

    The sparkly headband is part of a four-piece set that only costs P70, according to Heart.

    “So this is the Quiapo headband,” Evangelista said while she was getting ready for Georges Hobeika’s show.

    “P70 for four pieces. Nakarating na siya ng Paris,” she added.

    Many of her viewers were impressed with the way the actress effectively incorporates cheap finds to her high-fashion looks, while others praised her natural elegance.

    Skip to the 8:57 part of the video below to get a closer look at the Quiapo headband:


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