Govt urged to implement standards on product compliance

    A group of exporters has urged the Government to implement global product quality compliance standards in a move to improve international trade.
    In a statement, the Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. (Philexport) pointed out that the use of global supply chain standards would promote product safety and improve business transition to digital systems.

    MANILA — Philexport president Sergio Ortiz-Luis Jr said the Government should “seriously consider globally accepted standards to develop not only trust in cross-border and domestic trade but also ensure consumer safety and protection.”

    On the other hand, Roberto C. Amores, president of the Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Organization, Inc, noted that global standards compliance is crucial in agriculture and food production.

    He stressed, producers, consumers, and policy makers can work together in adopting standards that would reduce the risk of food contaminatio which could threaten productivity.

    “For us to reach full throttle in agriculture, one very significant component is food and agriculture safety that can be met consistently through standards and traceability. Without any form of standard or criteria in the food supply chain, food security and self-sufficiency may not come to fruition for us,” Mr Amores said.

    The export industry has been experiencing pandemic-related constraints. The global shipping industry has been facing a shortage of vessel space as industries catch up with a demand rebound, pushing freight rates higher and delaying goods shipments.

    “The COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic halted further the growth and development which we would like to see in the food and agriculture sector,” Mr Amores further said. (JD/The MiNT)


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