Get a feel of the 90s nostalgia by visiting the “Taympers: Era of Retrospection” art exhibit

    If you’re born sometime around the 90s and had been doing nothing but taking on the daily grind since the day you were spawned from your mother, you might as well take some time off by taking a visit to an art exhibition. Not just any art exhibition, but a 90s themed art exhibition.

    Taympers: Era of Retrospection is a multimedia arts exhibit that brings you a setting as if the time has stopped for a moment just for you and take in that good ol’ days experience.  The artworks feature so many forms including traditional, digital, photography and even 3D art.

    Taympers, originated from yesteryears, is just a slang-ish word for Filipino to say “time out first” or “time freeze” from the busy-dally you’ve got going for throughout your life. People don’t have much time to sit back and reminisce or reflect the progress you had been going so far, which is actually also one of the important things to do for your well-being as you journey along.

    Being a 3-day exhibit, it is organized by 46 Multimedia Artists from Lyceum of the Philippines – Cavite, and is based on real experiences of artists.

    Don’t just have a Kitkat when you’re taking a break, take a trip down to memory lane at Chardan’s Place, Imus Cavite from March 13-15, 2020. 

    Get more deets by linking their Facebook page here at or if you’re social media savvy who’s too young to be using Facebook nowadays, then follow them on Instagram at


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