Genshin Impact’s Housing System is Finally Here!

    Adventuring through Teyvat can be thirsty work. After all, making the most out of your resin is never a straightforward task. On a good day, you get to do a few ley lines and weapon domains. On a normal day, however, you’re likely to go through a few unlucky artifact domain runs topped off with an intense battle with, maybe, Andrius. You then proceed to get zero Northlander Billets… and another boss drop you just don’t need. “Disappointed but not surprised,” you tell yourself for the fourth week in a row. If it wasn’t bad enough, you top the day off with 20 wishes and… poof! C8 Noelle. Yikes.

    Thankfully, with the dawn of Genshin Impact’s 1.5 update, our dear old adeptus, Madame Ping, gives us tired, weary, and gacha-strained travelers a place to stay (and wallow in our thoughts) for a while. The Serenitea Pot, an adeptal creation similar to one we’ve seen before, is a realm designed to bring our imagined spaces to life. It is meant to give us solitude within a world crawling with unknown evils and secrets to uncover—a land of respite amidst all the mystery and chaos.

    Our very own realm of respite—all inside the adepti-powered Serenitea Pot.

    Travelers are free to add and remove items from this tiny realm, and are even able to decorate the interior of the provided main mansion with furniture and other accessories.

    It’s pretty empty around here…

    Blueprints are needed to craft items in the realm, with each blueprint holding their own specific requirements. Travelers can get them through rewards within the realm, or by buying them from various vendors across Teyvat. You can also buy them from the realm guardian, Tubby, who is more than happy to help you with all your realm’s needs.

    A variety of materials Looks like we need to chop down a few more trees to make ourselves another Pine Folding Screen.

    The introduction of blueprints also brings about various new ways of gaining items, such as the chopping of trees to get wood and the forging of dyes and fabric. Similar to Minecraft, different kinds of wood and dye are needed to create different kinds of items— and with a lot of new blueprints to use for crafting (and a lot more planned for future updates), the possibilities seem endless.

    Tubby, a teapot spirit in the form of a finch, is here to help you with all your realm’s guardianship concerns.

    Apart from blueprints and crafting mechanics, Tubby also comes with a shop where you can buy more blueprints, furniture, and other landscaping material with a new currency: Realm Currency. This currency is automatically gathered, quite like resin, with a limit depending on your Trust Rank. The limit and the rate of gathering this currency can increase as your Trust Rank increases. A Traveler’s Trust Rank grows when more furnishings are placed inside the realm, so craft away!

    So many things to buy!

    Genshin Impact’s new Housing System was intended to be a place of respite, most likely targeting the more casual players of Genshin Impact. After all, the vastness of the game has attracted a huge player base, so interests are bound to vary wildly. Nevertheless, miHoYo still manages to tie in the world’s lore and already existing mechanics into all this jam-packed little teapot has to offer, adding a unique experience yet familiar charm (we’re looking at you, Animal Crossing and Minecraft!) to its vast open world.


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