Genshin Impact releases new 5-star character Eula Lawrence

    The latter half of Genshin Impact’s 1.5 update has finally arrived, and with it, the new 5-star character, Eula Lawrence. Known as the Spindrift Knight, she bears a cryo vision and deals enormous physical damage to all those daring to contest her.

    The Spindrift Knight

    A part of the Knights of Favonius, Eula constantly speaks of “infiltrating the enemy” and “seeking revenge”. This is due to her upbringing as part of the Lawrence clan, one of the three most prominent families in Mondstadt’s rich history. The Lawrence clan is infamously known for plunging Mondstadt into a dark and oppressive era. It was when Lady Venessa sought for peace and overthrew this oppression, with the establishment of the Knights of Favonius no less, that the Lawrence clan fell from grace.

    miHoYo on Leaks

    The social-media-lurking part of the Genshin Impact community has long known of Eula’s release, even before the 1.5 livestream, due to the many leaks revolving around the content of the 1.5 beta tests. This caused Genshin Impact’s developers, miHoYo, to release a statement regarding leaks, maintaining that this behavior is illegal and unfair, and that these matters will be dealt with appropriately.

    Born of Ocean Swell

    4-star characters Xingqiu, Beidou, and Xinyan accompany Eula on her banner, Born of Ocean Swell. This banner is the second and last feature banner for the 1.5 update. Like all the previous banners, Born of Ocean Swell comes with Trial Runs for each of the featured characters.

    Genshin Impact releases new 5-star character Eula Lawrence | The MiNT

    Eula’s Kit

    Upon trying her out, many would notice that despite her vision being cryo, her primary asset is the physical damage she is able to lash out. The way her movement is designed makes her look as though she is dancing, with forms and spins instantly making her the most graceful of all the characters so far. For a claymore user, her normal attacks are quick and have a relatively shorter time interval between each hit.

    Elemental Skill

    Her Elemental Skill, Icetide Vortex, allows her to slash quickly when pressed, dealing cryo damage to those in her immediate vicinity.

    Using this skill also gives her a stack of Grimheart. Each stack of Grimheart increases Eula’s defense and resistance to interruption. Eula can have a maximum of two stacks of Grimheart at any point in time.

    Genshin Impact releases new 5-star character Eula Lawrence | The MiNT

    Holding her skill causes Eula to consume all stacks of Grimheart, dealing AoE cryo damage as she slashes forward towards her enemies.

    Elemental Burst

    Genshin Impact releases new 5-star character Eula Lawrence | The MiNT

    Eula’s elemental burst, Glacial Illumination, deals cryo damage to nearby enemies—but it doesn’t end there. A Lightfall Sword appears and follows Eula around for a duration of time. This sword can be charged via any of Eula’s normal attacks, charged attacks, elemental skills, and even elemental bursts. When the sword’s duration ends, it explodes in a flash of white light, dealing massive physical damage to surrounding enemies. The damage dealt is dependent on Eula’s stats and on the amount of charge the Lightfall Sword was able to build up during its entire lifespan.

    Genshin Impact releases new 5-star character Eula Lawrence | The MiNT

    The Lightfall Sword explodes prematurely if Eula is swapped out with another character, or if she dies with the sword still active.

    Genshin Impact releases new 5-star character Eula Lawrence | The MiNT

    All in all, Eula will be a great addition to anybody’s party. Her innately high physical damage and high resistance burst kit gives her the potential to deal insane amounts of damage in swift bursts, making her a tanky force to reckon with, and potentially making her the most powerful physical damage dealer in Genshin Impact’s entire roster so far. Of course, what matters is how you will build her, and that power is in your hands—and in the hands of gacha—dear Traveler. (RF/The MiNT)


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