Fahkumram: Tekken 7’s New Character

    Tekken 7’s final Season 3 DLC character, Fahkumram, has a release date and a new trailer. The brutal-looking fighter comes with a new stage called the Cave of Enlightenment, as well as a couple of unique costumes.

    Fahkumram (his name means “roaring sky,” or “thunder”) is also a giant like Sagat (7-foot-5, canonically). In the trailer Bandai Namco published today, he towers over poor Marduk after an over-the-top entrance that looks like Airwolf delivering a carbonite-frozen Han Solo.

    Fahkumram enters the Tekken franchise as the third Muay Thai character after Bruce Irvin and Josie Rizal.

    His launch trailer gave some significant insights into the Muay Thai monster’s move-list. You can watch the trailer below.


    Along with Fahkumram, players can expect a new Thailand-themed stage that features a multi-level temple. The stage has one wall-break and one floor-break, giving Tekken’s best fighters some extra damage in their deadly combos.

    Will Fahkumram be your new main?


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