Earth Chapel in Bulacan showcases greenery, artwork

    Instilled with the higher purpose and a greater love of creation among the faithful, a college in Bulacan has opened the country’s first-ever ‘earth chapel.’
    It is not just a house of prayer this time but also a haven where one can have a moment with a green view and fresh air.
    It also showcases a vertical garden behind a minimalistic altar. Hanging on the vertical garden wall is a mosaic of the saints of Assisi, Francis and Clare, and the crucified one.

    MALOLOS — The opening of the ‘earth chapel’ situated within the Dr Yanga College coincided with the commemoration of the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. The remembrance was introduced by Pope Francis to serve as a reminder to Catholics of their love for the environment and the earth—our “common home.”

    “Saints Francis and Clare’s earth chapel was blessed this morning by our beloved former parish priest, Father Jovi Sebastian,” the college posted on social media.

    The chapel was launched to serve as a place of prayer to weary souls who hope to seek God during the quarantine restrictions.

    “We hope our students and staff would pay a visit despite their classes being held online…” was the school administration’s message said as it thanked the donors who made the chapel’s construction possible.

    As a fitting description of the place of worship, Father Jovi Sebastian of Malolos Diocese said the chapel is a symbol of God’s faithfulness to his people.

    “This chapel is now a sanctuary of the Lord. He is here with us. Indeed, we dedicate this as our thanksgiving to God, who never abandoned us in these trying times of our lives,” said the priest during the blessing ceremony. (TRC/The MiNT)


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