Earn more while at home with these part-time jobs amid pandemic

    As long as there is no COVID-19 vaccine available in the market, the pandemic will not go anywhere. In the new normal, people are slowly shifting to home-based jobs because they don’t want to risk their health by coming to the office every day and increase their exposure to the virus.

    Who can blame them? Home-based jobs do have benefits. You get to stay at home and earn money at the same time. Instead of wasting your time watching TV series and movies on Netflix, why not look at these gigs that can help you earn amid the pandemic?


    There are a lot of writing jobs available online. From content writing for websites to copywriting jobs for brands and other companies, all of these can be done at the comfort of your home.

    Just make sure that you have the necessary gadgets for it like a laptop or a desktop PC, as well as a decent Internet connection, and you’ll be good to go.

    You may find writing gigs on these websites:

    – Content.co
    – Onlinejobs.PH
    – Upwork
    – Freelancer Careers
    – Yonipp


    This job requires fast and accurate typing skills and proficiency in English grammar and spelling. The job will need you to listen to audio and type what you hear. This is perfect if you’re not doing anything, and you have minimum distractions around you.

    Feel free to find transcription gigs on these websites:

    – Rev
    – GoTranscript
    – TranscribeMe
    – QA World

    Data entry specialist

    Data entry jobs usually ask you to collect, compile, and organize data based on your client’s needs. It can be as easy as copy and pasting information into a Word document.

    Sometimes, the client also asks data entry specialists to research and verify data in their databases. Skills required are typing skills, English communication skills, and research skills.

    You may look for data entry gigs on these websites:

    – Xerox
    – Upwork
    – Onlinejobs.PH
    – Only Remote Jobs

    Online teaching

    Do you have teaching skills? Earn extra income by tutoring international students as an online teacher. The most popular subject being taught is English, but you can also apply for other subjects like Math and Science.

    When it comes to teaching students online, you’ll be required to follow the curriculum and explain the learning resources provided by the employer to your students.

    Find teaching gigs on these following websites:

    – 51 Talk
    – Acadsoc
    – Rare Job
    – Engoo Tutor


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