E-sabong bill consequence to Filipinos not considered—PCEC

    The Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) has expressed its rejection to the electronic sabong (cockfighting) bill passed in September by the House of Representatives.

    MANILA, Philippines — The Christian group said it does not support House Bill No. 10199 or the proposed Act “granting Lucky Star Quest Inc a franchise to operate offsite betting activities on duly-licensed cockfighting, derbies, and other similar activities through online or other modern means, anywhere in the Philippines.”

    The “PCEC firmly rejects the passing of this bill. We express our utter disillusionment with the decision of the HOuse of Representatives that haphazardly passed the bill last September 20, 2021 without clearly realizing the disastrous consequences online betting (or) ‘e-sabong’ will bring to the Filipino people, including children and minors,” its statement said.

    The church group said it “appeals to each member of the Committee to reject this bill. We pray that you will see through all the deceptive financial promises of this bill, which only leads to the destruction of our nation’s values and moral rectitude.

    “May your decisions genuinely reflect what is good for our beloved nation.”

    PCEC went on to explain, “As the current situation stands now, gambling has already been causing serious problems to many Filipinos.”

    Gambling, the group said, causes “gambling addiction, susceptibility to criminal activities, bankruptcy, broken families, suicide, among others.”

    “Approving the bill and making ‘e-sabong’ even more widespread will not bring answers to any of these problems, it will only add to them and make the existing ones even worse,” the group pointed out. (RA/Headline PH)


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