Duterte wants to sell gov’t assets to get more funds for COVID-19

    On Thursday, President Rodrigo Duterte said he would consider selling the Philippine government’s assets to collect more funds for the fight against COVID-19 and aid to the affected Filipinos in case that the current budget runs out.

    “Pag maubos talaga ang pera, ipabili ko lahat ng propiyedad ng gobyerno. Iyang Cultural Center, PICC, yung lupa diyan. Totoo,” Duterte said in a briefing aired at past midnight.

    “Kapag wala na akong makuha and we are about to sink, and really sink, I will sell all the assets of government tapos itulong ko sa tao,” he added.

    Another excuse?

    Is this some type of excuse to get more funding when Duterte still hasn’t used all of the P200 billion aid that he got when he was granted special powers by the Congress?

    Sure, the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) extends until the end of April but is it enough excuse for him to sell the government’s asset to whoever will be the buyer?

    People are already protesting because they still haven’t got the cash assistance that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) should be distributing during ECQ and now Duterte came with the idea to sell governments assets if the budget for COVID-19 is not enough.

    I think the top priority right now should be is to disseminate the P200 billion COVID-19 funds to the Filipino people and not come up with another solution to a problem that is not even there yet.


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