Duterte to lift lockdown only if antibody treatment reaches PH

    President Rodrigo Duterte said late Monday that if the Philippines can get an antibody treatment for COVID-19, he will likely lift the lockdown in Luzon.

    “Kung nandiyan na ‘yong antibody, available na sa market dito and it is being sold in quantity, in number, then I’m inclined to at that time to maybe lift the lockdown,” Duterte said.

    The president said a giant pharmaceutical company has developed antibody treatments and will roll this medicine out soon.

    “Mayroon nang medisina, antibody, ang isang giant pharmaceutical (company) pero hindi galing sa tao. Sabi by May, they would start to market it,” he said.

    Possible lockdown extension

    People on the Internet quickly expressed their concern as soon as Duterte mentioned this on his televised briefing.

    Some people said that the president is giving them false hope because there is no guarantee that treatments and vaccines will be out in the market soon as pharmaceutical companies are still on clinical trials.



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