Do you want to be a ninja? Take the proper skills training

    They are mysterious. Fast and furiously adept. Japanese warriors whose primary role in folklore was to secretly attack castles and assassinate its master on the bidding of a rival daimyo or feudal lord. Some may have actually wished they were such indomitable fighters with the samurai sword or katana.

    TOKYO — Work on that dream, visit Japan, and proceed to the Ninja information Center Tokyo & Dojo located near the tourist hotspot Kaminarimon at Asakusa district in the heart of Tokyo City. Becoming a ninja could make a lot of difference; the next Hokage?

    The Center, recently established by the Japan Ninja Council and its dojo, offers introductory lessons on ninja skills. The ninja training has three levels. Choose from any of three as led by certified ninja Tsuyoshi Igarashi. The first is a 40-minute Ninja Experience, which gives an introduction to ninjutsu and an explanation on the ninja equipment and teaches you the ninja hand gestures and how to throw a ‘shuriken’ (a hidden palm-sized blade).

    There is also a 60-minute Short Nindo Experience, which lets you dress up as a ninja to experience full-scale ninja training. Apart from shuriken-throwing, it includes techniques for stealth and meditation.

    For those yearning for more, the dojo also offers a 90-minute Long Nindo Experience, which covers everything from the Short Nindo Experience, with an additional ‘kodachi’ (short sword) training, methods to improve your senses, and hiding techniques.

    The Ninja Experience, which accepts both walk-ins and reservations, is priced at 2,200 yen (more than ₱1,000), while the Nindo Experience, which only accepts reservations are priced at 7,700 yen (₱3,500) and 9,900 yen (₱4,500). If all these courses seem too much, you can also try out their Shuriken Experience at 550 yen (₱250), and no reservation is required.

    Ninja Information Center Tokyo & Dojo address is at 6/F Yaman o Asakusa Building, Kaminarimon 2-17-18, Taito City, Tokyo. (TRC/The MiNT)


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