Covid-positive Olympics organizers intensifies call to suspend

    Athletes from around the world are pouring in and crowding at the airport fist bumping and taking selfies with other guests, causes confusion and lapses in the instituted COVID-19 safety protocols for Tokyo Olympics event.

    TOKYO — Reports from the Asahi Shimbun claim Tokyo Olympics’ Covid-19 bubble “has already burst”. The misperception happened in airports and hotels where staff members could not determine who are regular guests and who are members of the Olympics delegation.

    Organizers deny the bubble is no longer working. According to them, their protocols are working and that infections have occurred among only a handful of the tens of thousands of people involved in the Games.

    Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike recently said the Games would “draw attention from the world, where they can be a light of hope under the predicament of Covid.”

    The organizing committee reported four new infections among Olympics-involved personnel, bringing to 30 the total confirmed cases this month.

    One of the cases, that of a Nigerian official who tested positive upon arrival and was hospitalized, according to Japanese news outlets, is the fifth case detected among delegations from overseas.

    This week, 21 South African rugby players went into isolation after being identified as close contacts of an infected person on their flight.

    Several staff members at a hotel where Brazilian athletes are staying also tested positive for the virus, sending the competitors into isolation.

    During a meeting with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on late this week, Mr. Bach said 85 percent of residents of the Olympic Village would be vaccinated against Covid-19, and that nearly all IOC members and staff would arrive in Japan fully immunized. (HMP/The MiNT)

    Featured image: Tokyo Games athletes are arriving. The delegation of Australian athletes were among the first who arrived in Tokyo for the Games.


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