Concepcion’s’safer bubbles’ limits unvaxxed mobility

    Justice Secretary Menardo Guevara, has to shoot down Mr Jose Maria Concepcion’s proposal of providing services to those who are fully vaccinated, by citing the equal protection clause.
    The justice secretary says it is not yet time to allow the fully vaccinated more mobility, as there is still limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines.

    MANILA — Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Jose Maria Concepcion strongly pushes for limiting access to malls, restaurants and other establishments and services in Metro Manila to only those who have been vaccinated.

    His “safer bubbles” proposal is the best way to reopen the Philippine economy, he maintains, as it protects people who create economic activity.

    “This is the pathway that we feel will open up the economy safely without any more lockdowns—by only allowing the vaccinated who are protected, and these are the people who can create economic activity,” says Mr Concepcion.

    He insists this plan will also protect the unvaccinated.

    “How are we protecting the unvaccinated? If we allow them to go out freely and move around and get sick, what happens? They can get it severely, and they can die,” Mr Concepcion points out.

    “What is worse is that they will flood the capacity of the hospitals. And when that happens we know the National Government will then have to lockdown,” he adds.

    The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), meanwhile, cites the same ground that will challenge segregating the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.

    The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) echoes the same concern that the proposal could lead to “undue discrimination.” (JD/The MiNT)


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