Concepcion: Private sectors don’t need to donate vax to Govt

    The Government is not expecting any more AstraZeneca vaccine donations from the private sector says presidential adviser for entrepreneurship and ‘Go Negosyo’ founder Joey Concepcion.
    Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez told the ‘Go Negosyo’ founder weeks ago that private sector donations are no longer necessary.
    “Secretary Galvez two weeks or three weeks ago told me, and they are making it official, there’s no need for us to donate anymore,” says Concepcion in an interview on ANC.
    Secretary Galvez assured him the Government would have sufficient doses.

    MANILA — In a joint effort, the private sector and local government units purchased 17 million doses of coronavirus vaccines from AstraZeneca. About 5.5 million doses were by the private sector and half of it are for the Government as donation.

    “Those doses are arriving in January [or] February [2022]… It will have an impact for us, definitely, for next year because we consider that as a donated vaccine to the Government,” he says.

    However, the Government would no longer need the donation. In that context, Concepcion says the private sector would want to support vaccination in the National Capital Region (NCR) Plus 8.

    “The focus of the private sector is to really support NCR Plus 8…To achieve herd immunity, you have to focus vaccines in the area where the highest level of infection is and that is NCR Plus 8,” he says.

    He also said the private sector may offer the vaccines to family members of their employees or use them as a third dose.

    “Private sector is allowed to pass the cost of vaccines,” he says, noting the vaccines were purchased at only $5 or ₱250 per dose.

    Many companies give their employees one year to pay for the vaccines for their family members. Some companies give the vaccines discounted at 50 percent. (TC/The MiNT)


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