Class adviser finds a way to prep his meeting with students

    While face-to-face classroom instructions remain suspended when classes start on 13 September, a teacher in Iloilo, looks forward to meeting his students in person anytime the suspension will be lifted.
    In preparation for the said meeting, he placed the printed photos of his 40 students on their designated seats, so he could recognize them the moment they meet.

    ILOILO CITY — Ninth grade adviser of Blueberry class Jessie Comprendio at the Calinog National Comprehensive High School sought for the consent of the parents of his students so he could have their photos printed and placed on their seats.

    “We are still on blended learning so while organizing the modules on their respective chairs, I could still see the faces of my students,” says the 42-year-old adviser in Hiligaynon in a news report.

    Anytime he meets them outside the campus, he would at least recognize his students. And when parents will pick up their child’s modules, they will also recognize their child by their photo and take the learning modules from their desks.

    Mr Comprendio created a system for the pick up and submission of his students’ school modules, including their subjects list and assigned mentors. His classroom is already prepped for the time face-to-face instructions will be allowed while at the same time following standard health protocols on personal hygiene.

    “This is required because we have an evaluation in preparation for face-to-face classes, should they be allowed,” he says.

    Ms Emily Calumpang, the school principal, commended Mr Comprendio’s approach and made it a model for other teachers to follow.

    Mr Comprendio has been teaching for about two decades. (RA/The MiNT)

    Featured image: Present! On Monday, as classes resume, the students of Grade 9-Blueberry of the Calinog National Comprehensive High School in Iloilo will all be present, photographically. Class adviser Jessie Comprendio cannot be face-to-face with his students yet but with their photos on their seats, he will know them wherever they meet. /Credit: Jessie S. Comprendio


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