Cebu city barangays have no virus transmission for 40 days

    Sixty-nine out of 80 total barangays in Cebu City have had no cases of any COVID-19 transmissions for the past 40 days.
    “This is the lowest rate of transmission we have had so far,” said the city Emergency Operations Center (EOC) deputy chief implementer.

    CEBU CITY, CEBU — City Councilor Joel Garganera, who is also concurrent EOC deputy implementer said that vaccinations have played a huge part in keeping transmissions of the virus low in the barangay level.

    Despite the cause for celebration, Mr Garganera expressed the need to remain vigilant and exercise caution, especially since the pandemic’s restrictions are being lifted for the holidays. Cebu city cinemas are also set to reopen soon.

    “We cannot afford a relapse, especially since the holidays are coming up. We should keep face masks on and avoid gatherings. We should also encourage those who are unvaccinated to get vaccinated,” Mr Gardanera stated.

    Around the beginning of November, OCTA Research claimed that Cebu City could be close to COVID-19’s “endemic stage”, starting the month with only 10 to 15 cases per day. (RF/The MiNT)


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