Cayetano hails Duterte for disrupting oligarchy

    For House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano, President Rodrigo Duterte is the ‘great disruptor’ the country needs to finally break a century-old buddy system among the country’s leaders and the oligarchs.

    In a Facebook post, Cayetano said that an “outsider” like Duterte being elected as the president ha resulted in “disruption and anguish” among the “privileged class.”

    “For the first time in centuries, their phone calls to the Palace are not being answered, or if they are, it is met with an unfamiliar, heavily-accented, and uncompromising voice,” Cayetano wrote.

    The former senator’s statement follows Duterte’s remark that he “dismantled” oligarchy a few days after a House panel’s decision to deny media giant ABS-CBN of its bid for a 25-year franchise.

    The House Speaker then addressed those who are defending ABS-CBN, adding that they are hiding behind the issue of press freedom to “maintain the status quo by redefining the oligarch system in the Philippines.”

    Cayetano, who served as a multi-term senator, was the running mate of then Davao City Mayor Duterte in the 2016 national elections. Both Duterte and Cayetano have been quoted with remarks against ABS-CBN over the TV network’s alleged bias reporting and failure to air their political ads.


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