Carpooling could compromise Govt efforts to curb virus

    The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority stands firm on its decision to not re-implement the number coding scheme as traffic is still manageable even if the volume on EDSA is slowly nearing pre-pandemic scenario with the easing of quarantine protocols.
    The MMDA chief underscores the possibility that once the number coding is re-implemented, people might resort to carpooling which could compromise the Government’s efforts in controlling the spread of Covid-19.

    MANILA — In an official statement, MMDA chairman Benhur Abalos explains he sees no need yet to impose the number coding policy as there are many factors to consider before introducing such changes to the EDSA traffic.

    Abalos says public transportation is still not on normal operations, with the 50-percent passenger capacity limit still in place, there is a need for more public utility vehicles (PUVs) on the road.

    “If we implement the number coding scheme now, can our public transport accommodate passengers given the minimum health protocols such as social distancing needed to be implemented?” he asks.

    “Our cars are our personal bubble when we travel,” he reminds motorists and travelers.

    Those with one car would be the only ones severely affected if the number coding will be re-imposed as they will be forced to use public transport and would therefore add up to the number of commuters lining up for PUVs.

    “This will be hazardous to the health of the majority,” he points out. (TRC/The MiNT)


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