Business success during the pandemic

    This pandemic brought so much time in our own hands. Time to watch 5-minute cooking videos, Gordon Ramsay squeezing out every single meat of a lobster, non-bake desserts, and more.

    When reading small business success stories amid the pandemic, almost half of them say that they got inspired by a recipe that they’ve seen on YouTube or Facebook.

    29-year old Lani Alcantara said she got laid off as a customer service representative during the pandemic and she was crushed. She was living off from paycheck-to-paycheck and did not have any savings in her bank account.

    As she was scrolling endlessly on Facebook, she found a video on how to make leche flan. Leche flan is a custard dessert made with condensed milk and egg yolks. She saw this as an opportunity to start her own food business amid the pandemic as it only required less than P2,000 capital.

    After mastering the recipe, she decided to sell it on her own Facebook account. To her surprise, she received a total of ten orders.

    For the ten orders of leche flan, Lani spent only P500 which she used to buy ten rectangular microwavable plastic food containers (P60), 12 pieces of eggs (P60), nine cans of condensed milk (P200), and 2kg of sugar (P180).

    She sold each leche flan pack for P100, and earning a profit of P500 — nearly 100% of the money she invested. With a P2,000 capital, she could make 40 pieces of leche flan and earn a profit of P2,000.

    COVID-19 cases are still rising in Metro Manila, and Lani did not want to risk her customers and herself to the virus. She knew cashless transactions are the more preferred mode of payment right now. So she thought that she’d do cashless transactions and used an e-wallet like GCash.

    She said that the app was a huge help now that her leche flan business was getting more customers. Using an e-wallet made the risk of non-payment or worse, getting scammed by a prankster, non-existent. As simple as providing her mobile number to her customers, she receives the payment in less than a minute with no hassle!

    Likewise, since GCash sends a text confirmation of the transaction to her clients with Lani’s name, mobile number, date, time and a reference number, her customers are more secure that Lani won’t be running away with their money.

    Lani said that she also uses the app to buy ingredients and other kitchenware she needs for her business online. It’s not only helping her earn, but also help other earn in a safe and secure way amid the pandemic.


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