BuCor confirms death of one, three injured in riot

    Two inmates engages in a scuffle and then all hell breaks loose.
    A recent riot in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) has prompted the Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra to propose measures that will conceal gang affiliation.

    MANILA – A recent riot has claimed the life of an inmate and injured 64 other in the NBP. Similar violence erupted in previoius months leaving in its wake a number of persons dead and others injured. With these frequent rampage, policy changes are about to take place according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

    “We’ll act after we have read the full report. We already directed the BuCor months ago to take the appropriate measures to prevent these violent incidents,” says Secretary Guevarra.

    Conducting an investigation, the agency will leave no stones unturned, taking into account a number of factors that contribute to violence, particularly tattoos that signify gang affiliations.

    “We already directed the BuCor (Bureau of Corrections) months ago to take the appropriate measures to prevent these violent incidents. One of the things that the bureau did was to order the PDLs to remove body tattoos showing their gang affiliation,” Secretary Guevarra.

    According to BuCor spokesperson Gabriel Chaclag, meanwhile, during simultaneous Oplan Galugad operations at the maximum and medium security compounds earlier this week, a fight broke out. It could not be called a riot as there had been only two (persons deprived of liberty) involved.

    “But as the others took sides, one was stabbed and died. There are three who were brought to the hospitals because they sustained injuries.”

    Oplan Galugad will continue as prison officials must make sure prohibited items, weapons and illegal drugs, are confiscated, he points out.

    However, he observes “the proliferation of improvised weapons has not abated.”

    After an Oplan Galugad on 01 June, seized items were contrabands, including weapons totaling 161 “Indian pana” darts, 21 slings, 38 pieces of “improvised pointed weapon”, 92 pieces of “improvised bladed weapon” and two pieces of improved hacksaws.

    Secretary says they will zero in on the accountability of (BuCor) guards in their investigation into the incidents.

    “We intend to do so if we find the report unsatisfactory.”

    “What I want to know is how such a violent incident could happen in the wee hours of the morning and last for hours, and why the prison authorities failed to detect and prevent such a huge gang war that left many inmates dead or injured,” Secretary Guevarra says of then last year’s brawls.  (LO/The MiNT)


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