Brace for another fuel price hike

    It looks like another mental burden is in the offing as motorists face another round of increase in pump prices of petroleum products in the coming week.
    This was revealed on Sunday, 12 September, by Unioil Petroleum Philippines.

    MANILA — Unioil said in its fuel price forecast for 14 to 20 September trading week, the price per liter of diesel may go up by ₱0.30 to ₱ 0.40.

    Gasoline prices may increase by ₱0.40 to ₱0.50 per liter.

    It can be noted that fuel companies usually announce price adjustments every Monday, to be implemented in the morning of the following day.

    On 07 September, oil firms increased the domestic prices of gasoline by ₱0.50 per liter and diesel by ₱0.95 per liter.

    Gasoline prices range between ₱47.15 and ₱60.20 per liter, while diesel prices range from ₱37.60 to ₱46.45 per liter.

    Year-to-date adjustments stand at a net increase of ₱13.35 per liter for gasoline and ₱10.90 per liter for diesel. (JD/The MiNT)


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