Bello asks Duterte to end labor ‘contractualization’ practice

    During the presidential race for 2016, then Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who was front runner in the presidential race, promised to stop the practice of “endo” or labor ‘contractualization’ in the country when elected president.
    A few years later, President Duterte had vetoed a previous version of the legislation in 2019 despite his 2016 campaign promise to end “endo”.

    MANILA — Hope springs eternal, so it seems, for Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III who dared to request President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to certify as urgent a bill to end the notorious practice known as ‘endo’ by local capitalists who do not want their workers to obtain regular status of employment.

    The labor secretary, who eyes a senatorial seat in 2022 under a pro-Duterte party, says he is confident (Duterte) will certify the bill this time.

    “We are going to prepare a letter to the President to certify [as urgent] the endo bill,” says Mr Bello said in an online media briefing.

    Kasi ang status niyan is now pending in the Senate, so para gumalaw ‘yan we are going to request the President to certify this endo bill para once and for all ay matapos na itong issue of endo,” he explains.

    Mr Bello contradicted then Presidential Legislative Liaison Office (PLLO) Undersecretary Jacinto Paras who earlier said the anti-endo bill was not among the priority measures for Duterte’s last year in office.

    Mr Paras is now presidential adviser for political affairs. (JD/The MiNT)


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